The Importance Of Candidate Feedback

The Importance Of Candidate Feedback

Written By Adam Cox

The Importance of Candidate feedback:

I am astonished by the fact that this is still such a huge problem in the recruitment market and it doesn’t seem to matter what sector you recruit for or what country you are in. When I speak to candidates on a day-to-day basis their biggest bugbear when using a recruiter is that they never receive feedback either after an interview with the recruiter’s client or if they have expressed interest in an opportunity a recruiter has called/interviewed them for but not heard back from them to let them know they were not selected for the position. Now, I fully appreciate us recruiters are balancing several plates at one time, but there is absolutely no excuse to not give feedback to candidates who have invested their own time in opportunities you have. I have highlighted a few points below that I feel are the core reasons why this should become standard practice.

It Helps

Yes this is right, your feedback will help the candidate when applying for future opportunities. It helps them because there may be something they may have done, said or missed when they were interviewed by your client and this information will help them prepare for their next interview. The more information you gather for them the better they should be next time around, whether through yourself, another recruiter or directly themselves.


I never understand why courtesy isn’t at the forefront of a recruiter’s minds when providing feedback to candidates. It is too easy to move on to the next candidate without passing on the bad news. But you need to understand that your candidate has invested a lot of their own personal time to not only attend this interview, they have prepared and researched the company, who they are meeting, planned their route, spent money getting to the interview either train fayre or parking, they have told their family about the opportunity, they have experienced nerves and even 99% of the time called you the recruiter straight after the meeting to tell you how they felt the meeting had gone. So, offering courtesy is the very least you can offer them.

Shows You Are Different

If you need a selfish reason to get you to call and offer feedback after a candidate has attended an interview at one of your clients this is it. Yes, it will separate you from all the other recruiters that aren’t doing that and believe me there are a lot. It amazes me that candidates are shocked when I call them with bad news and I am more surprised when they say they appreciate me calling them! Next time you feel you need a reason to give feedback, no matter how painful it is, do it to separate you from the rest.

Gives Them Closure

There is nothing worse than attending an interview and never knowing exactly where you went wrong or what the outcome was. Once a candidate has received the feedback whether from a recruiter or directly with a company it allows them to draw a line underneath the opportunity and move on to the next. I compare it to it being like never hearing back from your girlfriend or boyfriend, knowing the relationship is over but never really understanding why until they call you, so you can make peace in your mind and move on.

Future Opportunities

Just because a candidate wasn’t right for one opportunity it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be right for other roles you may have in the future. Think of the long-term game not just about short quick wins. Build long-lasting relationships with candidates so when you do call them back it’s not awkward because you couldn’t be bothered to call them with feedback previously. They were obviously a good candidate because you interviewed them yourself for the role you had available and put them in front of your client. So, build a good base of candidates who trust you and even if you don’t have other opportunities immediately then drop them a call every now and again to see how they are doing and what you have either been working on or coming up – believe me, they will appreciate it.

In Summary

As you can see above there are a few reasons why feedback should be standard practice and should not be seen as a bonus for a candidate once they have attended an interview. Personally, the key is to remember that a relationship with a candidate shouldn’t just be about the one role you have for them but should be about how you can assist them in the future whether successful or not and what value you can offer them throughout there journey of looking for a new opportunity whether that’s through yourself, another recruiter or directly with a company.

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