If you’re in technology recruitment, you’ll be well aware of the talent shortage we are experiencing. Those with the specific and specialist skill-sets are on scarily high day-rates – why? Because candidates are driving the market, and fair effing play to them for knowing their worth, but it’s created a ‘war for talent’, for want of a better phrase.


It’s always the usual questions, how old are you? what’s your background? have you worked in recruitment before? etc. Then comes the dreaded part where I disclose that I am a mother of 3.


This is the first in the series ‘Surviving Recruitment’ which will cover some of the basics and give advice on some of the main parts of our job. This issue will cover the first time you speak to a candidate, how to structure the call so not to waste your time and the essential questions you need to ask to get everything you need.

How To Lose Candidates And Alienate People

I would be bold and say 40% of recruiters treat their candidates like shit. Treating a candidate badly can destroy the reputation of you/ your business. Any press isn’t always good press, trust me candidates talk. And they talk even more when they have had a bad experience.

In Defence Of KPIs

Without good KPIs (or with bad KPIs) people, both recruiters and managers, become busy fools.  Recruiters spend hours doing things that won't make them money and managers spend their time managing people who don’t need it and not managing people who do. 

The Importance Of Candidate Feedback

Now, I fully appreciate us recruiters are balancing several plates at one time, but there is absolutely no excuse to not give feedback to candidates who have invested their own time in opportunities you have.

The Four Things You Need To Ask

We spend our lives finding roles for others, counselling them on their career options, selling the relative benefits of one opportunity over another. But it always amazes me how frequently us recruiters fail to do the same for ourselves.

500+ Connections Of Beige

Our collective appearances online? Boring AF. Our collective headlines/bios? Boring AF. The content we share on LinkedIn? Posting crap job ads, shitty motivational business quotes and photos of dress down days? Boring. A. F.

Selling To The Enemy

I am the mortal enemy of all agencies. The living she-devil. Beeelzebub herself. Yep, you got it – I’m the Internal Recruiter. Also known as blocker of CV’s, gatekeeper of the fabled PSL and hater of recruiters.

Except I’m not.

How To Up Your Email Game

Too many recruiters send out these long emails selling everything they do and more, attaching brochures and going on about how many people they’ve placed in a particular area or what clients they also work with. NO ONE CARES. NO ONE.

Make Your Bed!

Now I'm generally not one for motivational videos, quotes or posters, but you can't seem to escape them, it seems every other post on Facebook or LinkedIn is a quote from some dead guy or a picture of a cat hanging from a tree with the immortal words 'Hang In There' emblazoned on it.