500+ Connections Of Beige

Our collective appearances online? Boring AF. Our collective headlines/bios? Boring AF. The content we share on LinkedIn? Posting crap job ads, shitty motivational business quotes and photos of dress down days? Boring. A. F.

Selling To The Enemy

I am the mortal enemy of all agencies. The living she-devil. Beeelzebub herself. Yep, you got it – I’m the Internal Recruiter. Also known as blocker of CV’s, gatekeeper of the fabled PSL and hater of recruiters.

Except I’m not.

How To Up Your Email Game

Too many recruiters send out these long emails selling everything they do and more, attaching brochures and going on about how many people they’ve placed in a particular area or what clients they also work with. NO ONE CARES. NO ONE.

Make Your Bed!

Now I'm generally not one for motivational videos, quotes or posters, but you can't seem to escape them, it seems every other post on Facebook or LinkedIn is a quote from some dead guy or a picture of a cat hanging from a tree with the immortal words 'Hang In There' emblazoned on it.

Difficult Clients

Most articles will always blame the Consultant and it can never be the clients fault. I disagree, I think that is a pretty old school way of thinking. But if you don’t do anything about it then you aren’t helping the situation.

Staff a little.....?

As Managers we may naturally tend to look past ourselves and put the root of any problem on something or someone else. After all we are Managers for a reason, right? Surely, it’s not us.