Dear Johnny Whatev's

As adults, we all know that life is full of endless forms. Opening a bank account, dealing with the land registry, submitting tax forms and sending your kid to school all require endless boxes to be ticked. Adulting is not always fun. If you are a job seeker and are required to fill out a form in order to get the job that you applied for, then correct me if I’m wrong, but forms you shall fill!

Dear Client, You Can't Have Everything

The candidate was perfect. But we want to see if there is anyone just as good, just in case. Just in case of what? It takes one person to do the job so you can count yourself very lucky that perfection happened to walk through your door, saving you endless time and money on average interviews.

Five Reasons Why Recruiter Monogamy Is A Good Thing

Recruitment fidelity is a thing. So much so that recruiters have been known to drop their rates and extend the guarantee period just to be in a monogamous relationship with the client. There is something to be said for exclusivity, much like swans, finding a partner who is with you and you only makes for a strong union.


When I was asked to write about interviewing for a recruitment role, I thought to myself how do I tackle this subject in 1500 words or less?! After all, to secure a recruitment role could be as simple as a face-to-face interview with the CEO or MD, or as complicated as a multistage process that involves role plays, presentations, and psychometric assessments!

How To Interview For A Job In Recruitment

To get into recruitment you have to face an interview (like every career) - the difference being you’re facing an interview with a trained interviewer. People who, on the large part, interview others every single day (ahhhhh, they’ll see right through your cunning lines & your lack of preparation).

Meet Gen Z

Just when we thought we finally understood Millennials, a new breed of animal has joined the workforce. Gen Z is here. Every time I get a CV and the birthdate listed is 1996, I do a double take and realise just how very old I am.

The Dreaded School Holidays

Two words that make me break out in hives. It is not even a complete sentence and it manages to induce fear and crippling anxiety. As a kid, three months of freedom is the stuff that dreams are made of. Ask any working mother and she will say the complete opposite. It is the stuff of nightmares on par with having root canal while simultaneously being tasered.

He's Just Not That Into You

Nobody likes to the be the ‘bad guy’ and unfortunately recruitment is full of ‘bad guy’ moments. When I was a fledgling recruiter, I envisioned the job to be one of happy moments and positive outcomes. Afterall, recruiters make dreams come true.


The powers that be just want to know if you give a fuck or not. That’s it. Obviously, they want the situation to improve, but at least if they can see that you care, then that’s a start, not all is lost.

What Do Your Job Adverts Say About You?

The job advert is your call to arms – it’s your chance to engage with that one superstar out there and say: apply. Let’s talk. It’ll be worth your time. If you can’t portray this through words, and you can’t be arsed to actually list the benefits rather than adding “Competitive benefits GET IN TOUCH!!!!” at the bottom, then this candidate is scrolling on by.


I still see things which isolate people and that are not inclusive; I still see people uploading weird shit to LinkedIn and I constantly see Brexit this, Brexit that. So, here’s my guide on what NOT to do in 2019 – with the heavy caveat that I am not a recruiter, however I do work with some of country’s best.

The Misconceptions Of A Recruiter

As far as I knew, recruitment was attending glitzy client meetings, picking the perfect candidate out of a pile and slotting them into a ready-and-waiting vacancy, thus picking up a tasty payslip month-after-month. The ignorance was bliss.   


As we all know, embracing change and learning new methods is a good thing, an imperative thing in fact. Our industry is remodelling and developing rapidly; we know that AI is already playing an important role, resulting in us needing to adapt and concentrate more on social marketing and the human aspect of recruitment – not a bad thing.

“Robots are taking our jobs!”

Remember that episode of South Park that poked holes at the local residents who were outraged at the ‘future men’ coming back in time to take all of their jobs? The year was 3045; over-population had forced the ‘future men’ back to support their families.


With research suggesting that employee networks are ten times larger than the follower count of their company LinkedIn page, it’s clear that encouraging your consultants to share content is absolutely vital.


Simply put, no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, and no one ENJOYS having those difficult conversations (if you do, you’re a bit fucked up, but I’m okay with that – play to your strengths, each to their own and all that).